1. 越来越:be increasingly +adj.,be onthe rise,a growing number of
  2. 人们认为:it is generally/widely believed/held/agreed that
  3. 许多问题:a host/ number of problem
  4. 引起人们注意:claim call/attract general/public/world attention to sth.
  5. 意识到:there is a growing awareness(知道)/realization of/that,awaken sb. To the fact/danger
  6. 适应新的形势/变化:adapt/adjust/accommodate(使适应) oneself to new environment/ change
  7. 接触各种思想/经历:be exposed to new ideas/experiences/problems
  8. 接触社会:come into frequent/close contact with the world/society
  9. 获得成功:achieve/accomplish success
  10. 提出观点/建议:advance/put forward/come up withthe arguments/ideas/suggestion
  1. 作出努力:make tremendous(极大的)/persistent(持久稳固的)/sustained(持续不变的) effort to do sth.,take great pains to do(with work/study)
  2. 影响学习:interfere with studies/work
  3. 产生影响:have/exert a profound(深刻的)influence on life/personality,have a dramatic/ undesirable(令人不快的) effect on
  4. 较好地驾驭生活:be a better pilot of one’s life
  5. 剥夺机会/权力:deprive oneself of the chance/right/opportunity
  6. 取代:substitute(替代)for/take the place of the old way
  7. 采取措施:take effective steps/measures to
  8. 控制我们的环境:take/gain increasing control over our own environment
  9. 躲避危险/挑战:shy(躲避)/run away from the dangers/challenge
  10. 满足要求:meet/satisfy/accommodate the demand of
  11. 补偿损失:compensate for / make up for the loss/damage
  12. 解释某现象:account for / explain the phenomenon
  13. 对……很好的了解:have a better understanding/appreciation of,have a new perspective(观点)on,provide/gain an insight into
  14. 把某因素考虑进去:take sth. into account(consideration),give much thought to
  15. 品位人生/自由青春:savor the life/freedom/youth
  16. <!– more –>

  17. 培养对……的信心:develop/foster one’s interest/confidence in
  18. 经历变化/困难/艰险:undergo/experience great changes/hardships/experience
  19. 表现出自信心等: project one’s confidence/feeling/image
  20. 生活充满不公正的地方:life is full of minor irritation/injustice
  21. 追求学习/职业:pursue one’s academic(理论的)interest/professional career
  22. 学习知识/技术:pursue/acquire knowledge/technology/skill
  23. 被看作学习的……榜样:be held up as a good example
  24. 交流经验/知识:share experience/ideas/problems/knowledge
  25. 发挥/起到重要作用:play an (important/active/great)role/part
  26. 逃学/缺课:skip school/a class/a meeting/a lecture
  27. 知识/经验丰富:rich in knowledge/experience
  28. 确立/追求目标:set/pursue a goal/higher standard
  29. 到达目标:achieve/accomplish/stain the goal/aim/object
  30. 克服困难:overcome obstacles/difficulty
  31. 面临危险/困难:be confronted/faced with/in the face of danger/difficulty
  32. 阻碍了成功:stand in the way of success,be an obstacle(障碍)/barrier to success/growth
  33. 阻碍了发展:hamper/impede/stunt the development of
  34. 持传统的看法:hold conventional wisdom
  35. 发表看法:voice/express one’s opinion
  36. 持相反/合理的观点:take the opposite/fresh view
  37. 揭穿某种一贯的说法:shatter the myth of
  38. 求得帮助:enlist one’s support/help
  39. 缩小差别:bridge/narrow/fell the gap/gulf(between city and country)
  40. 把成功/错误归咎于:attribute/own the success/failure to
  41. 对……重要:be indispensable/important/vital to
  42. 施加压力:put/exert a academic pressure on
  43. 重视:assign/attach much importance/significance to
  44. 强调:place/put much emphasis/stress/value on
  45. 把注意力集中在:focus/concentrate one’s attention/efforts/thoughts upon
  46. 提供机会/信息:provide/offer/furnish an opportunity/information for sb.
  47. 抓住机会:grab/seize/take the opportunity
  48. 得到机会:enjoy/gain access to a opportunity/likelihood that
  49. 有可能:there is (little/much)possibility/likelihood that,chances/the odds(可能的机会)are that
  50. 展开竞争:compete against/with sb. for the prize/position/control/the mastery of
  51. 开展运动:conduct(carryon/undertake/initiate/launch/wage)a vigorous/nation-wide/ publicity / advertising)
  52. 对我很有/没有什么意义:make much/little sense to me
  53. 带来无穷的幸福/满足:be a source of happiness satisfaction/contentment(满意)/pride/ complaint
  54. 献身于:devote/dedicate/commit oneself to a cause /career
  55. 大不(没什么)两样:make much(little/no)difference
  56. 真正重要的是:what really matters/accounts is……
  57. 改变生活旅程:change/alter the course of life
  58. 建立在大量的学习/实践上:build on tremendous amount of study/practice
  59. 进行调查/执行任务:conduct/carry out an study/task/experiment
  60. 辞去工作/学习:leave/quit one’s job/work/school
  61. 参加考试/竞赛等:enter (for)the examination/contest, race
  62. 参加活动/讨论:take part/participate/be engaged in sports/activities/discussion
  63. 影响思想/态度/时间的形成:shape one’s thinking /attitude
  64. 进入大学/社会/家庭/劳动力市场/职业:enter a school/college/society/the work force /professionals
  65. 实现自己的理想/愿望:realize/fulfill/achieve one’s dream(hops/wish/desire)
  66. 减轻压力/紧张:reduce/alleviate/relieve the stress/pressure/tension
  67. 提高社会地位:enhance/improve/up grade social status/position/standing rise to the position of leadership
  68. 提高技术/能力:sharpen (increase/improve/enhance/boost)one’s metal skill/ability
  69. 加快/促进发展:accelerate/facilitate/advance/enhance /boost the development of
  70. 随着生活节奏的加快:with the quickening pace/rhythm/tempo of modern life/society
  71. 开阔眼界/兴趣:broaden one’s interest/outlook,expand (broaden/enlarge)one’s mental horizons
  72. 有助于了解/发展/宣传/解决:contribute much/little
  73. 有助于解决问题:go a long way to (towards)solving the problem
  74. 迷恋名利/分数:be obsessed/preoccupied(全神贯注的)with grades/fame/fortune
  75. 把时间花/浪费在:spend/waste time doing sth.,put in hours doing sth.
  76. 利用机会/技术:make(full/better)use of /take advantage of opportunity/time,tap/harness technology potential/skills/talent
  77. 把知识/经验运用到……:apply/put the theory/knowledge/experience……
  78. 取得进步:make much progress/strides/gins in
  79. 充分发挥潜力/能力:develop one’s ability/potential to the full,give full play to one’s ability
  80. 充满激情/渴望:have a burning desire/a great passion for


1.individuals,characters, folks代替(people ,persons)

2 : positive, favorable, rosy(美好的),promising

(有希望的),perfect, pleasurable , excellent, outstanding代替good

3:dreadful, unfavorable, poor, adverse(有害的)代替bad

如果bad做表语,可以有be less impressive代替

  1. An army of college students indulge themselves in playing games, enjoying romance with girls/boys or killing time passively in their dorms. When it approaches to graduation ,as a result, they find their academic records are less impressive.

4.(an army of, an ocean of, a sea of, a multitude of ,many,if not most)代替many.

注:用many, if not most 一定要小心,many后一定要有词。

Eg. Many individuals, if not most, harbor the idea that….同理 用most, if not all ,代替most.

5: a slice of, quiet a  few , several代替some

6:harbor the idea that, take the attitude that,

hold the view that, it is widely shared that,

it is universally acknowledged that)替think


7:affair ,business ,matter 代替thing

8: shared 代 common

9.reap huge fruits 代替get much benefit  )

10:for my part ,from my own perspective 代替

in my opinion

11:Increasing(ly),growing 代替more and more( 注意没有growingly这种形式。所以当修饰名词时用increasing/growing.修饰形容词,副词用increasingly.

Eg.sth has gained growing popularity.

Sth is increasingly popular with the advancement of sth.

12.little if anything, 或little or nothing代替hardly

13..benefitial rewarding代替helpful

be beneficial of

14.shopper,client,consumer,purchaser, 代替customer

15.exceedingly,extremely 代替very

16.hardly unnecessary, hardly inevitable … 代替 necessary,


17.sth appeals to sb, sth exerts a tremendous fascination on sb 代替sb take interest in

18.capture one’s attention代替attract one’s attention.


20.be indicative of ,be suggestive of ,be fearful of代 indicate, suggest ,fear

21.give rise to, lead to, result in, trigger 代替cause.

  1. There are several reasons behind sth  代替..reasons for sth

23.desire 代替want.

24.pour attention into 代替pay attention to

25.bear in mind that 代替remember

  1. enjoy, possess 代替have(注意process是过程的意思)
  2. interaction代替communication

28.frown on sth代替 be against , disagree with sth

29.to name only a few, as an example代替 for example

  1. next to/virtually impossible,代替nearly impossible



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